Zonka Feedback introduces Integrations with Slack, Google Sheets and Mailchimp

Zonka Feedback, a leading Employee and Customer Experience Management Platform has announced and introduced integrations for customers to create seamless workflows across multiple platforms.

Since inception, Zonka Feedback has provided open APIs and Webhooks access to all customers to enable building their own workflows and automation using the APIs. With these new ready-to-use, native integrations, customers can now connect to their favorite tools and use powerful automation capabilities.

This week, Zonka Feedback has added integrations with three tools – Slack, Google Sheets and Mailchimp. Slack is an extremely popular communication tool and with the Zonka Feedback and Slack integration, customers can now send survey response notifications, custom alerts as well as surveys directly to Slack Users and Channels. With Google Sheets Integration, customers can automate sending Survey Responses to new or existing Google Sheets. Google Sheets is a free platform that brings Spreadsheets to the cloud in a collaborative environment with data, tablets, charts and graphs. Mailchimp is a very popular email marketing platform and through this integration, new Zonka Feedback Survey Respondents and Contacts can be automatically added to Mailchimp lists and audiences through.

“World-class customer experiences are delivered with connected and seamless workflows. We at Zonka Feedback want to make it very simple to integrate business applications with Zonka’s CX and Survey Platform. Our roadmap in coming months includes native integrations with 30+ enterprise products as well as integrations with iPaaS Platforms like Zapier enabling businesses to integrate 1000s of applications without writing any code!”, said Rajiv Mehta, Founder at Zonka Feedback.

About Zonka Feedback
Zonka is a globally recognized Customer Experience Management Platform. Zonka’s SaaS-based, multi-channel Feedback platform is one of the leaders in the market in capturing, understanding, and managing feedback and experience for customers, patients, and employees.

Zonka CX Management Platform captures experiences and feedback at all touchpoints including in-person, offline, online, email, and SMS, and provides a space for active listening. Coupled with in-the-moment, real-time feedback reporting, insights, and trends, companies use Zonka CX Platform to drive result-oriented actions to improve Customer Experience and Close the Feedback Loop.

With Zonka CX Management Platform, businesses can identify at-risk customers, resolve issues, reduce churn, turn detractors, and passives into promoters and create amazing experiences, leading to better business outcomes and satisfied customers.

Know more about the integrations by visiting Zonka Feedback Integrations page http://www.zonkafeedback.com/integrations and to give the integrations a try, sign up for a free trial http://www.zonkafeedback.com/free-trial-signup.