Zoe Financial Recognized for the Second Year as NerdWalletʼs 2023 Best-of Awards Winner for Best Online Financial Advisor

Zoe Financial was selected as a winner for NerdWalletʼs 2023 Best-Of Awards for the category of Best Online Financial Advisor. With this award, the New York-based company becomes a two-time winner for this recognition. Zoe is a wealth platform that connects people across the country with the top 5% of financial advisors to guide them through their retirement planning, investment management, tax strategy, and other financial planning services.
“Winning this award two years in a row reaffirms what we have known since the beginning: As long as we focus on improving people’s lives, the output will be an amazing client experience. Our client-centricity makes Zoe the best online financial advisor,” said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA, CEO & Founder of Zoe Financial.
Over 10 companies that either provide financial planning services online or connect users with a financial advisor are reviewed to select NerdWalletʼs Best Online Financial Advisor Award. NerdWallet uses comprehensive scoring formulas to assess the features of each financial product/service and weigh them according to their importance to consumers.
During 2022, Zoe Financial provided thousands of tailored matches between clients and highly vetted financial advisors. Additionally, the company released several new features to its platform. “The purpose of each new feature is making the experience of finding, hiring, and working with a financial advisor seamless and frictionless for the client,” said Dillon Ferguson, CFP®, Zoeʼs VP of Product and Financial Planning. Today, people can find their ideal advisor matches, learn about them, schedule a free call, visualize their financial situation, link their financial accounts, calculate their net worth, and even submit hiring documentation through Zoeʼs user-friendly platform. In addition to the dashboard features, the wealth platform provides free tools (such as retirement and investment calculators) for users to get a sense of their financial situation.
Zoeʼs team is mission-driven, with the end client as its north star. They aim to improve people’s lives and financial well-being rather than just sell them a service. Zoeʼs concierge team offers clients unbiased guidance and support while finding the right advisor for their needs. This year, they enabled new personalized communication channels, such as text, to make it convenient for people to reach out to their Zoe contact.
“This award is not just ours. We’ve created a curated wealth management platform, and each advisor who works with us deserves this recognition too. Being the best online financial advisor is a testament to all the clients who have trusted us with something as important and life-changing as their financial advisor choice,” commented Garcia-Amaya.
The two-time winner of NerdWalletʼs Best-Of Awards, emphasizes its commitment to helping people grow and protect their wealth. By providing them with tools to gain financial literacy, Zoe ensures each client sits on the same side of the table as their advisor. Last year, Zoe hosted 14 workshops featuring Zoe Certified advisors and published over 71 original articles. This content allows clients to interact with vetted professionals and access high-quality information that ultimately leads to better money decisions.
“As we dive into 2023, we are more energized than ever. We are always looking for ways to improve the end-to-end wealth management experience. We aspire to continuously raise the bar for ourselves and the advisors we work with in the upcoming years,” said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA.
Learn more about Zoe Financial at www.zoefin.com
About ZoeZoe was founded with one mission: to accelerate wealth creation through exceptional client experience and innovative technology. The company’s human experts, alongside powerful technology, remove the friction from the process of finding, hiring, and working with a financial advisor. Through Zoe’s Platform, you will connect with Zoe-Certified Financial Advisors across the United States based on your unique financial situation and objectives. Zoe’s thoughtfully curated Network of interest-aligned financial advisors includes only the top 5% in the country. Contact: press@zoefin.com
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