Zerust Oil & Gas Names Phil Low as the European/Middle East Business Development Manager

Zerust Oil & Gas announced that Mr. Philip Low has been named Business Development Manager for Europe and the Middle East. These markets represent strategically important opportunities for Zerust Oil and Gas and Mr. Low is a critical part of the plan to bring Zerust’s unique corrosion management solutions to clients here. Mr. Low will work closely Zerust/NTIC’s Joint Ventures (JV) and distributors in the regions to target owners and asset operators in the Oil & Gas sector.

Mr. Low brings a wide range of skills within project and site management roles gained by working with many of the largest oil & gas owner/operators across the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. Mr. Low’s understanding of the many challenges faced by maintenance and construction teams in this environment comes from years of delivering corrosion management and asset integrity solutions and will be invaluable when dealing with Zerust’s customers and clients.

Mr. Low is well acquainted with Zerust having been an active member of Rig-Tech Solutions, a Zerust implementation partner in the region. “We are thrilled to welcome Phil to our growing and motivated team at a pivotal time for our company,” said Gautam Ramdas, Vice President of Global Market Development for Zerust Oil & Gas. “Phil knows the market, and perhaps more important, the market knows Phil. He now has a portfolio of the best corrosion management solutions in the world to bring to clients who have significant corrosion problems that we can assist with. Phil will play an integral role as we build our Zerust Oil & Gas portfolio and provide new offerings to our customers.”

With responsibility for asset management and fabric maintenance projects with various onshore and offshore clients, Mr. Low has continued to add to his knowledge and help develop new preventative techniques, specifically for the use of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs), for many issues, including but not limited to, rig stacking, mothballing, aboveground tank bottom protection, etc. for tank farms, terminals, and offshore platforms.

With this proven track record in corrosion management and coating application, Mr. Low has brought a new understanding of the challenges faced by these different types of sites and an ability to deliver cradle to grave project management for Zerust’s clients. Ever the innovator, Mr. Low developed and headed a global tank and terminal maintenance team to help identify, assess and prevent a range of corrosion issues on aboveground storage tanks (AST’s), pipelines, jetties and the associated valves and fittings. Mr. Low continues to show a keen desire to bring new solutions to old problems and is often involved in new think tanks and innovation groups.

“Having overhauled and performed large maintenance projects across many assets/ASTs I can still, to this day, see the requirements for changes in how platforms and equipment are maintained and preserved. Budgets and maintenance schedules are still stretched with the volatility in the oil and gas prices so with the vast suite of solutions Zerust Oil & Gas have at their disposal I’m certain that we can offer longer/innovative/robust solutions and simply work smarter to offer our clients a superior and more cost-effective approach and reduce CAPEX and OPEX expenditure,” said Mr. Low.

“I look forward to working with Gautam and the NTIC team to build on the success of Zerust Oil & Gas and find new avenues for growth,” said Mr. Low. “There is no better time to be joining a company with so much momentum and excitement around its current and future offerings to customers.”

About Zerust Oil & Gas
Zerust Oil & Gas is a division of Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC), Zerust Oil & Gas provides corrosion prevention solutions for aboveground storage tanks, annulus pipe casings, pre-commission or out-of-service internal pipelines, offshore rigs/platforms, field assets and equipment, spare parts, and more. For more information on Zerust Oil & Gas and their full line of products and solutions please visit Zerust-OilGas.com.