Zero Politics News Site Plans on Launching January 1, 2023 According to Its New Owner, Gallant Dill

Gallant Dill, CEO of, purchased back in July. He and his team have created a non-biased updated news and entertainment platform that people can actually enjoy going to.
How plans on being different is by keeping politics off the site and bringing you the most trending stories and videos on the web. will not be allowing any politics or negativity on the site.
“The goal for USA News is to give everyone a chance to enjoy all the latest and greatest updates of what’s happening here in the United States without leaving the site feeling down.
“This will be a site ran by the largest influencers in the world.
“No other site like this currently exists and I plan on pioneering a new outlook on how we view the news,” said Dill. will be set to launch on Jan. 1, 2023.
To find out more about, you can reach out to the company by email at
Source: USA News LLC