YouTube – How to Make money Online free – Onbux.flv

Please take time for reading the hole description! How works Onbux? —— You earn with rented Onbux-users ( 3 of them cost 75 Cents a month ) —— You get 1 Cent at Onbux for every of their pop-up clicks , because you are the owner. —— You must click at least 4 pop-ups( you get 1 Cent for every click of your pop-ups) daily , if you have rented users to get credited by them. How earns Onbux? —— A Pop- up cost for the buyer 2.5 Cent —— The User clicking the pop-up , gets 1 cent and the owner of this User too. —— The rest take Onbux as revenue ( 2,7— 1—1= 0,7 cent). What do you need? ——- You will need a Paypal-account ( For payments ) —- If you dont want to register in Paypal yet give your Email adress in the Paypalemail-field while the Onbuxregistration (Eg if you want to cashout,you can change it to Paypalemail ) —— You can sign up for a Paypal account here( If you are under 18, write me a PM ) join onbux now: —

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