YEIL Electronics to Debut a New Generation of Helmet Communication Systems, HEADTOOTH Pro, on Kickstarter

YEIL Electronics is announcing that the company will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its new helmet communication system: HEADTOOTH Pro. The campaign is set to go live on Monday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m. PT. 
The HEADTOOTH Pro is a helmet communication headset system that utilizes YEIL Electronics’ in-house developed Multilateral Frequency Used Communication System (MUC), woofer speakers, and noise-canceling microphone to give its users greater range, surround sound audio, and crystal clear communication along with other additional benefits which are listed on the HEADTOOTH Pro Kickstarter campaign page.
MUC System:
While most helmet communication headset systems rely on Bluetooth connection, the HEADTOOTH Pro is powered by YEIL Electronics’ MUC system which is based on existing technology that powers devices like the walkie-talkie. It is an area-based system of communication that provides superior connection levels regardless of the number of users on a single group call. This gives an unlimited number of HEADTOOTH Pro users in a single group call a maximum operational range of 3.2 miles (5 km) in open spaces with stable connections that will not fluctuate unless a user is outside the given range. 
Vibration Woofer Speakers:
The vibration woofer speaker replicates the effects of bone conduction technology that allows audio to be clearly heard and enjoyed by the user despite the external ambient noise. Two slim HD speakers can be attached inside both sides of the helmet so that the acoustics from the speakers can provide a surround sound experience. Equalizer settings can also be customized to the user’s preference to create a unique audio experience for each user.
Noise Cancelling Microphone:
A noise cancellation microchip is installed within each HEADTOOTH Pro to block out ambient sounds such as wind and traffic noise in order to relay clear audio to other riders. A wired microphone and separate boom microphone are also included, which are compatible with full-face helmets and open-face helmets, respectively. 

Although the HEADTOOTH Pro does utilize the MUC system, it also does include both a Bluetooth intercom system and a push-to-talk (PTT) function, which means that the device is compatible with other similar devices that utilize either Bluetooth or PPT technology for communications. A combination of all of the features listed allows each rider to enhance the experience of their helmet-required activities whether that’s motorcycling, cycling, snowboarding, skiing, wind-sailing, or ATV riding.
Backers of the HEADTOOTH Pro Kickstarter campaign will get exclusive access to the $189 price for a single pack and $374 for a double pack. Any journalists, editors, or influencers interested in reviewing the HEADTOOTH Pro are encouraged to reach out through the Kickstarter campaign or via email to
Source: YEIL Electronics