yaza Receives 2021 Top Innovators Award

yaza, the first true agent-centric app for real estate, has been awarded the 2021 Top Innovators Awards by Progress in Lending (PIL). Yaza has been doubling down on its social selling video app, which makes the real estate agent core to homebuying. The award validates recent investments in the company by top leaders in tech, payments, proptech, marketing and real estate coaching.
Initially driven by social distancing needs, the Silicon Valley-based social video start-up Yaza is gaining broad usage in the real estate industry as it approaches 20,000 new users in the past 12 months. yaza is a map-based story-telling tool that allows real estate agents to share their informed and authentic narratives of not only the houses but also the surrounding neighborhoods that provide a clear picture of the entire living experience that buyers are truly searching for. Now commonly used for house tours, inspections, appraisals and site management, yaza is aiding real estate professionals across 42 states in the U.S. and has recently seen growth in Europe, specifically in Germany. 
yaza’s initial growth was spurred by its unique and proprietary Certified Reality™ technology, which enables certified story-like home tours to be authenticated and shared virtually, building trust with both buyers and real estate professionals. This technology is why PIL selected yaza as a top innovator because it combines “the right formula of technology with business strategy to solve real industry problems.” yaza amplifies the power of human connection to bridge these gaps. 
yaza is truly unique. It is the only platform for creating home and neighborhood video tours that play like stories, with a real human touch that provides an immersive experience for sellers and buyers, allowing them to get a sense of what it’s like to live in that specific home. Yaza founder Peter Sisson added, “We know that today’s digital real estate sites, with their photoshopped photos and sterile 3D virtual tours, lack the authenticity and emotional power of a personal narrated tour. Storytelling is scientifically proven to produce higher engagement and better memorability of marketing messages.” 
                  About yaza:
yaza is the #1 real estate app for recording and sharing video home tours. Its unique clip camera and editor make it easy for agents to create home and neighborhood tours that tell stories and engage buyers using just their smartphones. yaza puts real estate agents, not houses, at the center of the online buying experience – allowing them to showcase their knowledge and build trust with buyers. yaza is the flagship app of Yaza Society PBC, a public benefit corporation based in Silicon Valley with a mission to provide tools that promote truth and protect privacy on the internet. The company’s groundbreaking Certified Reality™ technology guarantees that what you see in a yaza video happened exactly when and where shown. The company was founded in 2018.
Source: yaza