Yas Super Street Challenge

Are you a racing nerd? Do you want to enjoy the revving of the engines and the sight of smoking tires in the coolest drag races? It is time to crank up your engines and rise to the challenge. The Yas Super Street Challenge is here! It is your only chance to enjoy drag racing in its meanest form. Presenting five categories of racing and more than 50 cars competing, along with exciting cash prizes. The cars shall be going head-to-head in a bout of speed and skill. The registrations have already started, and it is time for you to get to the Yas Marina Circuit for some exciting action.

The legacy of the Yas Super Street Challenge
The Yas Super Street Challenge is one of the most thrilling events that take place on Yas Island every year. 3 to 4 rounds are held every year in 5 categories that both viewers and participants can enjoy. The spectators’ sports also offer special discounts for students, who want to enjoy these thrilling events. The event is one of the most exciting drag races, and the rising urban racers can consider these spectators sports if they want to cruise in their super-fast cars. Participants who have a knack for racing and are always ready to smack the throttle at the slightest instigation should take up this challenge!

The participants will be in for a ride at the Yas Marina Circuit. It will be one of the most gruesome challenges for urban racers and an opportunity to up their game. Everyone wants to see themselves behind the wheels, just like the Fast and Furious movies and this could be the only legal way to do it! If you want to enjoy a drag race and see how fun things can get, head out to the Yas Marina Circuit on the 4th and 5th of April and do not forget to get your tickets. Spectators can enjoy the show at only AED 55, while students can enjoy a discounted rate of AED 35. It’s all about action and adrenaline!

The schedule for the Yas Super Street Challenge
Every year the Yas Super Street Challenge is held to give budding urban racers a chance to showcase their talents. It also gives the people a chance to witness drag races as seen in the Fast and Furious series! You cannot possibly race on the streets, but you can definitely do so here. Four rounds of drag races take place in every season. Two rounds of this season have already taken place, and the winners over the five categories have been declared. It is time for the third round of this racing season, and it is going to take place on the 4th and 5th of April, 2019. Get your tickets now and do not miss out on this exciting journey.
The first rounds have already taken place. Round 1 took place on February 7 and 8. Round 2 took place on February 28 and March 1. Both of the rounds had been very successful, and people are already getting excited about the upcoming rounds. Tension is building up between the racers as the dates get closer. The 4th round shall be held in the upcoming month. The dates have been set for the 18th and 19th. The 2-day challenge offers cash prizes worth AED 30,000 in each category. The quickest ones off the line will win cash prizes – AED 5,000 for the third, AED 10,000 for second and AED 15,000 for the first place.

The meanest races with badass street credits
The participants can drive out in the Fast-and-Furious way in the drag races, but there are some rules to follow. Valid driver licenses are a must to take part in the competition. The participants should also sign waivers and get wristbands with a defined colour code. The drivers need to wear helmets. The clothes should cover the arms and legs. Only closed-toe shoes are allowed for the races. The participants also need to adhere to the rules if they do not want to get debarred from the races. This also means no insults to each other and fair competition.

The drivers have to wait inside their cars until the technical inspection is over. The sunroof and windows must stay closed during the race. Spectators are not allowed to enter the pit lane meant for the drivers and their crew. Inspectors have the right to disqualify the cars if they do not match the required category. However, racers will get a chance to fix the vehicle before the inspection period ends.

Participants can enter the competition for AED 420. If you think you are all cranked up for the challenge, bet at Yas Marina West Gate entrance on the 4th pf April and do not forget to get your registrations. Spectators can even get VIP status for AED 265. Enjoy the fuming drag races this month.

Read more info: https://www.yasmarinacircuit.com/en/products/whats-on-track/yas-super-street-challenge/