Yager Training, LLC Launches Innovative Training to Address the Biggest Challenge Facing Coaches Today

“Empowering coaches and entrepreneurs to share their unique and powerful gifts with the world.” That is the motto of Yager Training, LLC.  
“The biggest hurdle many coaches and entrepreneurs face is their limiting beliefs around money,” said Deb Yager, CEO of Yager Training, LLC. “They tell themselves stories about how ‘challenging sales is’, or ‘their product isn’t good enough,’ or that they have to ‘get it perfect’ before they launch it. It’s those limiting beliefs and the decisions they’ve made that hold them back from earning the money and impact they want.
Deb Yager, along with her husband, Brandon Yager, are on a mission, and they see the key to doing that as an immersive, transformative, and innovative 3-Day Business Breakthrough Training. Either in person, or online, the participants learn to identify their own individual sales blocks, learn a proven sales process, and have opportunities to hone their own sales pitch in front of other members.
One of the biggest challenges many coaches face is undercharging, according to Deb. She says the value you charge is directly tied to the value the client thinks they’re going to receive. In other words, if a Lamborghini were only $20,000, you wouldn’t expect much from it. But because it’s $200,000 you expect it to go fast, look great, and be extremely reliable.  
The same is true of coaches – if they undercharge what they’re worth, the clients typically won’t get the value they want or need, according to Deb. During the course of the three days of training, the participants will begin to understand how their limiting beliefs around money are not only holding themselves back but also their clients.
Deb went on to say, “the other thing many business owners (and coaches) don’t have are the tools to set proper goals. People talk about manifesting things in their lives, but they don’t know how to do it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  We give them a tool that allows them to reliably set goals that are effective and well-defined.”  
Through these and other techniques they teach in the Breakthrough, Deb and Brandon open up a whole new world of possibility for the participants for their businesses they never thought possible.  
Brittney Wylde said, “This is the best training I’ve ever been to.  It’s filled in the gaps I didn’t know that I had.” While others have gone on to generate tens of thousands of dollars as a result of what they learned and implemented from this powerful 3-day event.  
With online or in-person options, the next 3-Day Business Breakthrough is coming up Aug. 20-22, 2021 in Austin, TX. For more information, see http://yagertraining.com/3dbb or contact Yager Training at 512-620-8011.  
Source: Yager Training, LLC.