Xpansiv Market CBL Sets Quarterly Record, Trading More Than 25M Tons of Carbon and 66ML of Water

Xpansiv, the global marketplace for ESG commodities, today announced a new quarterly volume record on CBL, the leading spot exchange for energy and environmental commodities. Q2 2021 volumes surpassed the previous quarterly record, set in Q1 2021, by 29% and exceeded Q2 2020 activity by 374%.
Carbon transactions of 25,843,428 mtC02e bested the volume record set last quarter by 33%. On a year-over-year basis, CBL carbon volumes are up 393%. In addition, a record 65,977 megaliters of water rights and allocations were traded on Xpansiv market H2OX, Australia’s water exchange, topping the previous record of 64,958 ML set in Q1 2018.
International carbon volumes reflect the rapid market acceptance of CBL’s global VCM benchmark, the Global Emissions Offset™ (GEO™) and new Nature-Based Global Emissions Offset™ (N-GEO™), which began trading April 19. The GEO transacted 2,287,263 mtCO2e and the N-GEO transacted 1,997,319 mtCO2e during the quarter.
The quarter’s record volume included the first physical delivery of GEO spot contracts to settle the CBL GEO futures traded on CME Group’s NYMEX exchange. CME Group recently announced plans to launch a CBL N-GEO futures contract in August.
“We’re pleased to witness record trading volumes across CBL’s environmental, energy, and water markets,” said Ben Stuart, Xpansiv Chief Commercial Officer. “The surge is proof of remarkable progress, and reflects growing adoption by corporate users, commodity producers, financial institutions, and all ESG market stakeholders.”
“The rapid growth in CBL volumes is being fueled by companies seeking to fulfill carbon-neutral commitments,” Stuart said, “driving a sharp increase in appetite for ESG-based commodities—enhancing CBL’s position as the central point of price discovery, liquidity, and risk management. We’re providing the world with a clear path to net zero.”
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Xpansiv is the global market for ESG-inclusive commodities. These Intelligent Commodities bring transparency and liquidity to markets, empowering participants to value energy, carbon, and water to meet the challenges of an information-rich, resource-constrained world. The company’s main business units include CBL, the leading spot exchange for ESG commodities; H2OX, the leading spot exchange for water in Australia; and XSignals, which provides end-of-day and historical market data. Xpansiv is the digital nexus where ESG and price signals merge. Xpansiv.com
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Xpansiv company CBL provides access to the world’s energy and environmental commodity markets, facilitating the secure and seamless trading of commodities including carbon, renewable energy certificates, and Digital Natural Gas™. cblmarkets.com 
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