Xevant Launches Game-Changing Drug Rebate Solution, RebateLogic

Xevant, leader in automated pharmacy benefits data analysis, today announced the launch of RebateLogic, a groundbreaking solution that fully automates the management and optimization of drug rebates, while providing a new level of access to rebate price transparency.
Xevant’s new module dramatically lowers drug costs and improves rebate yields. RebateLogic automatically analyzes prescription claims data to identify opportunities to optimize utilization, formulary, and rebate management while leveraging industry-best rebate pricing. This unprecedented level of access, transparency, and automation enables RebateLogic to decrease the complex and cumbersome effort of managing rebates while cutting the average rebate processing and payment time down by 66%.
Xevant CEO, Brandon Newman said, “We are fundamentally changing the way rebates are accessed and managed, which allows us to optimize them in ways never thought possible. We’ve set out to achieve the lowest possible drug cost and that’s what RebateLogic gives us the ability to do.”
Securing data is crucial, but it’s how the data is accessed, managed, and optimized that makes a difference. RebateLogic is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by ensuring drug rebates do what they are supposed to — deliver the lowest net prescription cost without compromising patient health.
About Xevant: Xevant is the leader in automated pharmacy benefits data analysis and empowers organizations with a revolutionary analytics platform that infuses automation throughout the pharmacy benefits analysis process, resulting in immediate and long-term savings opportunities. With Xevant, critical pharmacy analysis that took weeks, months or more can now be done instantly. The results are optimized business processes, reduced operating costs, and improved patient outcomes. For more information about how Xevant helps its customers deliver faster, more accurate results, visit www.xevant.com. You can also follow Xevant on LinkedIn.
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