XENO Labs Establishes a Leading NFT and Metaverse World

XENO Holdings, a technology-oriented investment company, announced the start of XENO Labs, a new commercial and curation arm of the XENO Project. An initial investment of 25 million dollars led by XENO Holdings will empower XENO Labs to expand its venture in the blockchain NFT and metaverse space.
By leveraging its already operating XENO NFT marketplace and platform, as well as emerging metaverse technology, XENO Labs will focus on the curation and commercialization of new NFT products involving community-based value and facilitation of decentralized metaverse services. NFTs are known to be a key value producer within metaverse infrastructure, as they can provide verifiably and trusted digital ownership.
“XENO Labs’ mission is to commercialize XENO’s existing blockchain NFT technology by augmenting it through metaverse services and global partnerships. In addition to this, we are looking to acquire a blockchain-based DeFi platform solution. This will allow us to diversify and add value to our current NFT marketplace technology,” said Alan Miller, CEO of XENO Holdings.
“We are extremely focused on accelerating the development of XENO’s ecosystem by collaborating and improving our existing services and adding new metaverse services,” Miller added.
XENO Holdings – a tech startup investment company fully invested in XENO NFT Hub (https://xno.live) and focused on partnering with well-known musicians and artists to bring them into the new world of NFTs. 
Press Contact
Kate Wilson (pr@xno.exchange)
Source: XENO Holdings