WTO Circulates Thailand’s Proposed Mandatory Standard for Pacifiers

Thailand proposes the introduction of a mandatory standard for pacifiers.

Currently, Thailand has an Industry Standard for Pacifiers – TIS 1025-2534 (1991). On November 19, 2019, The World Trade Organization (WTO) circulated Thailand’s proposal to introduce a new mandatory standard – designated TIS 1025-25XX (20XX). This new standard is largely based on the European standard EN 1400:2013+A1:2014 ‘Child use and care articles – Soothers for babies and young children – safety requirements and test methods.

The proposed standard contains requirements relating to:
• Materials
• Construction
• Performance
• Chemicals
• Packaging
• Product Information

Consistent with EN 1400:2013+A1:2014, the migration limits for certain elements within the proposed standard are:
1. Aluminum (Al) – 1,430 mg/kg
2. Antimony (Sb) – 60 mg/kg
3. Arsenic (As) – 2.5 mg/kg
4. Barium (Ba) – 200 mg/kg
5. Boron (B) – 1,600 mg/kg
6. Cadmium (Cd) – 1.8 mg/kg
7. Chromium (Cr) – 50 mg/kg
8. Cobalt (Co) – 14 mg/kg
9. Copper (Cu) – 830 mg/kg
10. Lead (Pb) – 2.5 mg/kg
11. Manganese (Mn) – 300 mg/kg
12. Mercury (Hg) – 10 mg/kg
13. Nickel (Ni) – 100 mg/kg
14. Selenium (Se) – 50 mg/kg
15. Strontium (Sr) – 6,000 mg/kg
16. Tin (Sn) – 20,000 mg/kg
17. Zinc (Zn) – 5,000 mg/kg

Comments on the proposed mandatory standard will be accepted until January 18, 2020.

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