World’s First Smart Educational Prayer Rug is Available for Pre-Order on LaunchGood From Today

Sajdah, the world’s first-ever smart educational prayer rug for Muslims, just went live for pre-ordering on LaunchGood. The innovative prayer rug is designed by Thakaa Technologies to help new Muslims and children learn how to pray in an immersive learning experience.
“Technology is entering every part of our lives. We’re using technology to communicate, learn, socialize, exercise, and organize our life,” says Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis, CEO, and co-founder of Thakaa Technologies. “Why can’t we use it to make teaching our faith easier?”
Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world. Thousands of new Muslims and millions of growing Muslim children start praying every year. Both groups face difficulty in learning and practicing their prayers. Sajdah makes it easy by displaying the postures in step-by-step fashion to the worshipper so they can learn it faster. It currently supports Arabic, English, and Transliterated Arabic.
Sajdah prayer rug comes with a built-in LED display, a speaker, rechargeable batteries, and a native mobile app. It displays the text of the Holy Quran on a raised stand just ahead of the place of prostration, or Sajdah. The worshipper can also hear voice prompts guiding them to the next action and position of the prayer.
The smart prayer rug pairs with smartphones as well as Apple Watch through the Sajdah mobile app. Users can easily pre-program the parts of the Quran they want to display during the prayer and can also adjust the speed of the prayer.
“We hope everyone is as excited as we are and urge our Muslim brothers and sisters to log on to LaunchGood and pre-order Sajdah,” says Abdul Ali, the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Thakaa Technologies. “We just cannot make Sajdah successful without your help.”
The smart educational prayer rug is available now for pre-ordering on LaunchGood at an exclusive 51% off the regular price for a limited time. 
About the Manufacturer
Sajdah is built by Thakaa Technologies, a Qatar-based IoT hardware startup that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of smart and innovative hardware products. The Company’s main focus is to solve community problems through technology. Sajdah is brought to life by a dedicated team of electrical & software engineers, programmers, manufacturers, and advisors.
To learn more or download the App via the Apple Store and Google Play, please visit Sajdah.
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Abdul Ali
Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer
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Source: Thakaa Technologies QSTP-LLC