World-Leader in the Project Resource Management Realm, Saviom, Celebrates 21 Years

Pioneer of resource management software, Saviom, completes 21 successful years in the industry. Incubating from a Sydney suburb garage to becoming a global leader is not an easy feat, more so when the company is bootstrapped. 
Saviom’s initial journey   
The co-founder, Mr. Om Gupta, describes in his own words why the family started this endeavor: “We started this journey with a mission to serve the greater cause, create an impact to bring large-scale change in the society worldwide.”    
Saviom started in 1999, and resource management became its flagship product.    
Taking a walk down the memory lane, the co-founder recalls: “We initially started with knowledge management, followed by a project management tool, but we couldn’t capture much of the marketspace as we were competing against many established giants. Fortunately, we got our first breakthrough when we identified the requirement for resource management software for enterprises.”    
The transition from one country to becoming a global leader   
After forming a base in Australia, with the help of digital marketing, Saviom gradually started expanding its horizons. Today, Saviom’s Resource management software is used by many Fortune 500 companies, and it has a presence in 50+ countries.   
Saviom’s success story 
Saviom wouldn’t have been a reality if Om Gupta wasn’t courageous enough to leave a lucrative director’s position at global giant, PWC, and become a full-time entrepreneur. As the co-founder says, “No business venture is a smooth ride,” Saviom faced its share of challenges too.    
“Leaving the job at PWC was the most challenging step. Having a stable income for years and then suddenly relying on your life-long savings wasn’t easy. 
“Starting with no financial base, I became a house husband for three years, and gradually, we formed a strong foothold in the product market. I am grateful to my wife, Savita, and my entire family for standing by me during these difficult times and contributing to Saviom’s success.” 
Software is our business, but humanity is our purpose
When asked about Saviom’s future plans, these are his thoughts. “I have observed that even though technology has touched every phase of our lives, it still has more potential for the humanitarian cause. Ingrained with Eastern philosophy, we strongly believe in the Sanskrit phrase ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam,’ which means, the whole world is one family. Following the same ideology, we want to use technology to serve mankind.”   
The work culture at Saviom – People’s thoughts 
Amongst other things, what sets Saviom apart is that no one uses fancy titles within the organization. The work culture is extremely supportive and friendly.
This is an excerpt from Saviom team members: 
“At Saviom, we follow an open-door policy. The saying ‘You increase your knowledge by sharing’ holds true in every sense. The organizational hierarchy has deliberately been done away with to nurture work creativity and unconventional ideas over fixed roles. When it comes to learning, the sky is the limit at Saviom.”
Source: Saviom Software Pty Ltd