Workweek Announces Launch of Creator-First B2B Media Company

Workweek, a “creator-first” B2B media company intended to reshape the traditional media company model by offering unprecedented support and benefits to emerging content creators, launches today. Founded by media industry veterans Adam Ryan and Becca Sherman, Workweek will infuse media into every sector of the business world. 
“Influential business content is no longer limited to Wall Street Journal articles or Gartner white papers, but also comes in the form of tweets, product reviews, YouTube clips, newsletters, and more,” said founder and COO Becca Sherman. “With this reality in mind, coupled with a mission to offset the economic inequalities between media companies and their creators, Workweek is designed to grant more opportunities, both creatively and financially, to content creators while delivering high-demand content to niche audiences.” 
To date, Ryan and Sherman have brought on creators in healthcare, cannabis, fintech, and the media industry. Workweek plans to onboard and announce a new creator every two weeks for the foreseeable future. 
To execute its vision, Workweek raised $1.5 million in funding, led by LightShed Ventures, with other participants including Packy McCormick from Not Boring Capital; Mario Gabriele; Lance Armstrong; Elizabeth Yin; and a robust roster of Founders and Creators. On Workweek’s vision for the future of business media, Rich Greenfield of LightShed Ventures said, “Workweek is adopting the best practices from creator-focused, consumer-oriented, businesses and creating a first-of-its-kind media platform working with B2B creators who possess unique knowledge in their respective sectors and who have each built passionate and loyal fan bases that enable an array of monetization opportunities.” 
“Traditionally, a great creator at a media company increases brand value, user growth, revenue per user, and many other KPIs across the business. However, content teams have historically been one of the lowest-budgeted departments,” said founder and CEO Adam Ryan. “This mismatch in value, paired with the wave of new tools and services for independent creators, has driven the creator economy boom — and, in turn, has created a retention problem for media companies. It’s harder than ever before to keep successful creators on staff.” 
Workweek is prioritizing creators by offering:
On the company’s inspiration for this unique approach to business media, Ryan said, “For too long, media companies have built models that egregiously arbitraged their talent. The traditional media structure is designed so that executives and sales leaders are the highest-compensated employees, not the creators producing the content. Media needs a new blueprint, so we questioned everything we knew and built something new.” He goes on to say, “This is not just about financial incentives. Creators wish they could have production support; they wish they could take PTO when they feel sick without risking their income; they wish they didn’t have to deal with the burden of contracts; they wish they could have paid parental leave; they wish they could have advertising, but not with s**t brands; they wish they could have eight hours of sleep a night; they wish they could have a thrive instead of survive mindset; they wish they could find the time to go omni-channel; and, of course, they never want to sacrifice their creative control to make those wishes come true. If Workweek is successful, we will make all of those desires come to fruition.”
About Workweek: 
Workweek is a new kind of media company. 
Every business decision today is influenced by content. But that influential content is no longer limited to newspaper articles or dull white papers — it can come in the form of tweets, newsletters, memes, and more.
Workweek is a growing collective of industry experts who are changing the world of business by creating something you actually enjoy and learn from. Here, personalities are elevated, industry expertise runs deep, and entertainment and cultural relevance are embraced.
We’re here to make work fun.
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