Working from Home

At a time when businesses are closing their doors for good every day, working from home makes more sense than ever. For instance, many brick-and-mortar call centers are closing down their operations in favor of hiring people to work from home as call center representatives. But it’s not just call centers. There are all types of employment from home opportunities, including transcription, teaching and tutoring, writing, data entry and more. And many of these offer full time positions with pay upwards of ten to fifteen dollars per hour.

So just who are these people who work from home? Most people who work from home are women, although men work from home also. Working from home is ideal for women who have small children at home, as it allows them to stay at home with their children and not have to place them in child care facilities (thereby saving them the costs of child care). Persons with disabilities also work from home. Working from home can also be the answer for people who are tired of commuting, high fuel prices and working in a corporate environment.

While we’re talking about working from home, let’s make sure we have one thing clear. There is a huge difference between working from home for an employer, and a home business. And it’s pretty simple to tell the two apart. Legitimate work from home jobs won’t ask you to pay any money for any reason (a few do require you to pay for a background check), while home businesses regularly require start-up costs. In most legitimate work from home jobs, you are paid an hourly or piece-rate salary, while home businesses usually require you make sales or recruit others to make sales. And many work from home jobs schedule your work hours, while most home businesses, you work when you want.

So how do you find the perfect work at home job? There are tons of forums on the web that have legitimate work from home jobs and employers listed; two of the most well-known forums are and If you don’t find what you are looking for in one of these two forums, just search for “work at home forums” in your favorite search engine. Not only do these forums list work at home jobs and employers, but most contain multiple discussions related to these employers and the jobs they hire for, so you can see what others have to say about the various employers, how to get hired, the details of the job, and so on.

While there are many legitimate work at home employers on the web, there are also many work at home scams. If, during your search, you come across the perfect work at home job, but that “job” requires you to pay a “training” fee, an “administration” fee, or any other type of fee, do not be fooled into the scam. As mentioned before, legitimate home employers never ask for a fee (except the aforementioned background fee on a very few). You should never, EVER, have to pay for a job. A job is supposed to pay you, not the other way around. So never pay for the perfect-sounding work from home job. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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