Working at home and getting paid big money to do so

Work at Home Jobs are Available and Waiting for You!
Yes! Working at home is possible plus you have a GUARANTEED income. Contrary to many work at home programs, this website is dedicated to getting the word out about REAL work at home jobs. These jobs are available without any out of pocket expense PLUS most of them pay you an hourly wage or fixed rate. No more working for sales commission.
The types of jobs and job sites that are freely available throughout this website are not always easy to find. I’m not sure why many of them seem so secretive but they are there and you can find them using the right “search” terms.
Most businesses and companies alike that hire people that work at home for a real paycheck call these employees outsourcers or freelancers. Actually, one of the largest growing work at home sites, has started calling the employees contractors. These terms are all essentially the same and mean that you are working from a remote location (your home) and are your own boss.
These work at home jobs do pay hourly or a fixed price for a certain job BUT they do not include any benefits. This means that you are solely working for yourself and outsourcing, freelancing or contracting your skills to a client (business or company).
Your rate, job and options for being paid vary among the number of different avenues you use for contracting your work. Sites like oDesk, Elance and Guru have systems set in place for you to post your resume, work and guarantee that you are paid by the client your working. I suggest starting there until you build your reputation for being a work at home professional and then you can move into more advanced areas.
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