Work At Home ? The Value of Business Friendships

You probably chose to work at home based on the appeal of having more time freedom and the greater income potential. You may not be aware though, that by choosing to work at home you are joining a huge global network of home based workers and business owners. One extremely popular misconception is that by choosing to work at home you are choosing to work alone. This is not at all the case – or at least it doesn’t have to be.

One of the reasons that businesses are so obsessed with teambuilding and teamwork is that there really is a huge benefit to collaborative efforts. The effect teams have on morale and energy cannot be understated. You don’t have to forgo these benefits just because you chose to work at home. There are many communities, both online and offline, of home based workers where they share ideas and techniques. In fact building friendships to support your work at home opportunity may be a lot more important than you ever thought.

There are several reasons why you should develop some business relationships. There are a number of benefits to be gained such as the sharing of insights and ideas, sharing best practices and positive peer pressure. Sharing your work at home experiences will help both of you to stay motivated and reduce the feeling that you are all alone. This can be especially important if you are still struggling to make a decent income working from home. Talking to others can provide a lot of motivation and encouragement for you to stick to your plan.

Even business leaders at the highest levels such as CEOs and VPs will develop friendships with others in the same position as they are. There is often a lot of talk about mentors and mentoring but the value of a peer friendship is often overlooked. Being able to talk to someone who understands the challenges associated with your work at home opportunity is invaluable. Having someone who can feel your pain and knows exactly what you are dealing with can be extremely comforting. Too often mentors will brush off these challenges or simply tell you to work harder and soldier on without fully understanding the challenges.

Another reason to build work at home business friendships is that they are a great way to keep in the loop with respect to opportunities in the industry. The gossip can be entertaining but what you are really interested in is keeping up to date with changes that will affect your income and livelihood. Someone with more information will always have an advantage. By creating and developing strong friendships with other people in the work at home industry, you can ensure that you will always have access to useful information.

Keep in mind that friendships are about give and take. Make sure you contribute as much to the friendship as the other person if not more. The long term benefits from these associations far outweigh any short term gains that can be made by abusing the relationship.

About the Author: Joel Broughton is a Full Time Home Based Business Consultant. To learn more about How to Work at Home You can vist his Free Resource website at: Work at Home

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