Work At Home Part Time

Should I Start To Work At Home Part Time?

There is a definite advantage to being a business owner. The potential for profit and control of one’s life is far easier if you aren’t bound by the restrictions of an employer. Attempting to hold a regular job, while trying to work at home part time, has become a popular option for entrepreneurs.

The time it takes from startup to showing a profit, for a traditional brick and mortar business or franchise is approximately three to five years. In some instances this time might be shortened, but in most cases it requires at least one person working long hours to reach the three year turn around point.

Business experts continue to assert that only 1/3 of small business startups survive the first two years. That means, on average, 2/3 of the small business owners fail a year before they would start to see a profit.

Owning A Business Is Always More Profitable

Growing up I remember weekends were a time to latch onto any number of contractors who were doing side work. They worked between Monday and Friday for an employer, leaving the weekend to strike out on their own. This was when it became obvious to me that everyone knew owning a business paid far better than working for an employer.

Some of my friends in construction finally committed themselves to operating their businesses full time. They recognized that doing business only one or two days a week would never allow them to reach their goals. By admission, they credited that side business, that extra money, with enabling them to buy the equipment necessary to compete with other full time contractors.

Budgeting Both Time And Expense

It’s worth stating that in matters of business investment, the greater the outlay of capital for startup, the longer it will take to see a return on investment. For entrepreneurs that start a business and work at home part time, the burden of excessive debt never becomes an issue. Most home businesses allow for both the entrepreneur who has little capital and plenty of time, as well as those with no time and plenty of capital.

I’ve seen cases where someone starts a part time business from home which suddenly takes off, requiring full time attention. Perhaps the most popular story is that of the work at home mom who simply wanted to generate some extra income. With a culture that is consistently making middle class an unaffordable reality, work at home moms are becoming quite popular. What makes this so exciting is that stay at home moms can unknowingly attach themselves to business opportunities that eventually deliver financial freedom.

Part Time = How Many Hours?

Choosing to work at home part time depends both on the type of business and the cost of operation. Before we can fully appreciate the return on investment, we must know the operating expenses, and time requirements. Just as some home businesses demand a great deal of advertising costs, others require more than a few hours of maintenance per day. We need to know how our prospective business defines part time.

We should keep realistic expectations regarding the amount of time we must dedicate to our home business. The traditional business that starts up without any debt, and has several family members to dedicate their time to operation should begin to see profits very quickly. Alternatively, allowing for the time it takes to educate ourselves, and set up a business, the profits from a part time venture will be considerably slower.

1% Insipriation – The Rest Is Just Sweat

An entrepreneur’s level of desire will ultimately determine how successful they’ll be in balancing the development of a part time business venture, with a full time job. When we burn our bridges behind us, or fully commit to running a business full time, we fuel the desire and our focus is singular. If we cross the bridge between our home and job twice a day it isn’t easily forgotten. Adjusting our mindset will be essential to fueling the burning desire we’ll need to remain consistent.

Certainly the person who hates their job, or their commute, or both, won’t have a difficult time adjusting their mindset. Emotion is also an essential ingredient to developing that burning desire to transfer a work at home part time business into a huge success. With the use of imagination, we can burn the bridges behind us, and see ourselves as accomplished entrepreneurs, even if the bridges are still there.

Investigate the potential of the business opportunity, measure yourself against the specific requirements and seek advice from qualified professionals. Real people are succeeding every day regardless of how they began, but they never do it alone.

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