Woodlet Kitchens Launches SuperFuzed™ Roasted Garlic Herb Oil, Creating New Niche in the Gourmet Olive Oil Market

Just launched to a national audience, Joe’s SuperFuzed™ Roasted Garlic Herb Oil is defining a special new category, coined “SuperFuzed”. SuperFuzed is a line of unique oils perfect for dipping, cooking, dressing, grilling and more. Existing users have made it a staple in their kitchens, blasting flavor everywhere it’s used while making the cook look brilliant and reducing their preparation time.
Three things make this oil something new and special – 1. Its ultra-bold flavor with a touch of heat 2. The spoonable design of its jar, and 3. The significant herby “stuff” at the bottom allows for three distinct uses. 
The SuperFuzed™ oils, herbs, fresh garlic and seasonings go through a trade secret multi-step process of temperature and time control that results in a dipping and cooking oil with a bold flavor unlike any other. Designed as the first oil to be spooned, the jars have wide-mouths to allow access to substantial herbs and garlic at the bottom of the jar.  The spoonable jar design makes it multi-purpose with distinct uses – just the oil, just the herby, garlicky goodies at the bottom, or mixed up.
“We started Woodlet Kitchens with a commitment to produce only the highest quality, small-batch products that make you say WOW,” says co-CEO, Michelle Richardson. “Cooks love it because it’s a simple addition to make their dishes incredibly better; friends and family love it because it simply tastes so good. We are driven by an innate desire to add a little joy to everyone’s life through good food that begs to be shared with friends and family.”
“Joe’s Oil takes me from being an ordinary to an extraordinary cook. It makes everything I cook taste better!” says customer, Kristi Valdez. “I panic when I get close to the bottom of the jar.” Similar sentiments are shared regularly by Joe’s Oil fans.
Americans are interested in local, artisanal and specialty food products, according to the National Specialty Food Association. And they’re willing to pay top dollar for the great-tasting, gourmet oil made in small batches by Woodlet Kitchens, masterminded by Chief Culinary Officer, Joe Monahan. Since the early 2000s, Joe has been running his catering business and creating “Joe’s Oil” as a side cottage industry for local foodies. He has a fanatical following of longtime customers.
Those looking to eat better, cook easier, or buy a perfect gift for anyone who loves super flavorful foods can find Joe’s Oil on Amazon or at SuperFuzed.com. First-time buyers may enjoy a 10% discount on their first order by subscribing to the SuperFuzed™ email list.
About Woodlet Kitchens, llc
Woodlet Kitchens, a veteran/woman-owned small business, was born out of the desire to share the creations of Chef Joe with the world. For over 15 years, discerning palates have enjoyed Joe’s catering, personal cooking, and flare for bringing folks together to break bread. Co-CEO’s Mark Kruschwitz and Michelle Richardson are entrepreneurs at heart having engaged in multiple startups. With the initial launch of Joe’s SuperFuzed™ Roasted Garlic Herb Oil, you can expect a rollout of bold, unique products.
For more information on Woodlet Kitchens’ SuperFuzed™ Oils email info@woodletkitchens.com.
Source: Woodlet Kitchens