With the NFL Draft Approaching, ZetrOZ Systems’ Sam® Sport Helps Professional Athletes Recover From Pain Without Surgery

With the 2021 NFL draft beginning April 29, top football prospects are about to start their professional football careers. Teams’ athletic trainers know the players’ injury history and plan for therapies that get players back onto the field safely and without pain–like ZetrOZ Systems’ Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) wearable ultrasound, found in a recent study to overwhelming support from trainers. 
The study, published in the March/April edition of Current Orthopaedic Practice, reported that 87 percent of athletic trainers were confident that SAM technology accelerates the healing process and concluded that SAM is an easy and recommended treatment for professional athletes for use as an adjunct therapy. 
“We’re pleased to see that an overwhelming majority of athletic trainers believe in the value of SAM technology,” said Dr. George Lewis, founder and chief executive officer of ZetrOZ. “But it’s no surprise because more than 20 clinical studies have found our sam® wearable ultrasound effective for non-invasive healing and pain relief for a range of conditions. We know sam® is ideal for a wide range of acute and chronic injuries during camp and the regular season.”
The treatment previously received praise and recognition among athletic trainers at a roundtable at the 2020 NFL Combine, where they unanimously testified that sam® is the only treatment used that can heal a wide range of sports-related musculoskeletal injuries, as well as completely restore and strengthen damaged tissue. In addition, trainers found that in some cases the use of sam® resulted in the reduced need to treat players with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to reduce pain.
Treatment with sam® utilizes continuous ultrasound therapy that accelerates natural healing at the molecular level; utilizing sustained acoustic medicine as a low-intensity continuous therapy allows patients to accelerate the natural process of healing by inhibiting inflammation and increasing the rate of tissue regeneration, angiogenesis, and nutrient exchange.
ZetrOZ was a platinum sponsor at the 2020 NFL Combine; currently, 28 NFL teams, 24 NHL teams, 27 MLB teams, and 24 NBA teams use sam® daily for treating both acute and chronic injuries.
About ZetrOZ Systems:ZetrOZ Systems is an FDA cGMP and ISO 13585 medical technology company headquartered in the southern coastal region of Connecticut. The organization also has manufacturing facilities across the United States. ZetrOZ Systems produced UltrOZ®, sam®Sport and sam®Pro 2.0 to provide safe and effective treatment options for prevalent conditions such as arthritis. Learn more at zetroz.com and samrecover.com.
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