With PressRelease.com, Small Businesses Are Expanding Into New Markets to Attract More Customers

Small businesses are boldly stepping into new markets, expanding their core business to attract more customers. Awareness is a crucial part of ensuring the success of upcoming initiatives, and PressRelease.com’s affordable press release distribution services continue to be a resource for businesses developing a comprehensive media and marketing campaign.
“Expanding into closely related markets can be a catalyst that helps drive additional business,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at PressRelease.com. “It’s important to first be competent in the area that the business is planning to expand, but once the plan is in place, it’s a great way to expand the customer base and grow potential revenue.”
Broadening a target market has the effect of creating a larger pool of potential customers. Through a systematic approach that involves the right research, analysis, and proper segmenting, businesses can optimize their chances for success in untapped markets.
Successful companies have applied diversification not only to grow revenues but also as a way to weather slowdowns in the economy. The creation and development of products and services help engage customers and can stimulate sales of older product offerings via promotions or bundling offers.
With strategic press release distribution as part of a comprehensive media and marketing campaign, business leaders have an opportunity to connect with a wider audience and use leverage product offerings to engage new markets.
PressRelease.com has served its clients for over 10 years through its easy and affordable press release distribution services. Today, PressRelease.com stands out as a resource for businesses to help publish news and strategic announcements through popular business networks.
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