With Press Release Distribution, Small Businesses Can Encourage Transparency and Open Communication With the Media

PressRelease.com offers an easy and affordable platform for small businesses to utilize company announcements as a way to highlight growth and keep interested parties informed of what’s happening internally. PressRelease.com’s comprehensive distribution network is a valuable resource for smaller organizations, helping those businesses to showcase upward trends, connect with potential customers and entice both investors and media contacts.
“Through routine communications with the public and the media, many small businesses are promoting a culture of open communication and transparency,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at PressRelease.com. “It’s good practice because it helps build a positive perception of a brand and plays a big role in businesses being held accountable for their actions.”
Larger companies have faced a lot of scrutiny over invasive data collection, obscure sourcing and supply chain management, and other unsavory business practices. Transparency and straightforwardness are becoming increasingly important as trust in these large corporations dwindle.
The need for transparency is even more acutely felt in the retail and manufacturing industries, as a steadily increasing number of consumers are becoming more mindful of the scope of the supply chain, as well as the sourcing, pricing, internal process, and overall company attitude within an organization. 
By being open about business practices and proactive about maintaining a transparent and open dialogue with both the public and the media, business leaders are creating confidence in their brand and creating a new selling point for people that appreciate open and honest communication.
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