With Press Release Distribution, Businesses Have the Opportunity to Control the Narrative Around Negative Press

Effective PR sometimes means managing crisis communications. Strategic press release distribution with PressRelease.com can help businesses control the narrative around negative press, helping to minimize the impact while conveying accurate facts and data to the public.
“A poorly handled PR crisis can exacerbate the problem,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at PressRelease.com. “The public has access to all kinds of information from many different sources. Social media allows rumors and hearsay to travel much farther than they normally would, so it’s important to respond swiftly with a clear, consistent and accurate message.”
Many events can be spun in a way that negatively affects the business involved: the loss of key staff, failed acquisition, data breach or employee misconduct. It’s important to adequately assess the crisis and plan for a quick, yet appropriate response. 
PR crises can haunt businesses for years. A critical part of any PR strategy is having a strategy in place to help mitigate bad press.
When it comes to crisis communications, speed and transparency are of the utmost importance. Businesses must get ahead of the story, but must also provide the right tone and messaging while acknowledging the given incident.
Indecision can lead critics or competitors to take advantage of a bad situation to funnel more traffic and business to themselves.
With strategic press release distribution, businesses can quickly and easily take decisive action and communicate effectively, helping to minimize the effects of negative press.
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