Wireless Charger Performs Super Fast Wireless Charging for Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Spigen ArcField Wireless Charger is the world’s first third-party wireless charger with ‘Designed for Samsung’ certification. It is made by world-renowned mobile accessory brand Spigen and is a suitable wireless charger for the Galaxy S23 series.
Using the same official charging module, Spigen ArcField Wireless Charger performs Super Fast Wireless Charging (MAX 15W) for Samsung. According to the result of the Spigen’s charging speed test, the Spigen ArcField Wireless Charger charges 1.5x faster than other 15w wireless chargers, taking less than two hours to charge from 0% to 100%. The built-in two coils help Spigen ArcField Wireless Charger to support both portrait and landscape charging. Lastly, its sleek and simple design fits perfectly in any desk or home setup. 
Spigen ArcField Wireless Charger also features various Spigen technologies designed to enhance the charging experience. With its AirBoost™ technology, it automatically identifies the device and provides maximum power output. The OverheatProtection™ helps prevent devices from heat damage when they charge. 
“Spigen always focuses on making customer-oriented products,” says Joe Bae, the director of Spigen’s Power Accessory Department. “Spigen ArcField Wireless Charger is a convenient, reliable wireless charger made to provide the best charging for the new Galaxy S23 series.”
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Source: Spigen