Winners Announced for the May 2021 Simio Student Simulation Competition

Simio is delighted to announce that the winners for the May 2021 Student Simulation Competition have emerged. The Simio Student Simulation Competition is the largest event dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students across the globe taking courses in simulation modeling and scheduling. The bi-annual event usually witnesses hundreds of teams competing to win exciting prizes and the May event was no different.
The May 2021 global event featured 339 teams consisting of 1,343 students across 44 schools showcasing their abilities with applying simulation modeling and scheduling software to solve real-world problems. The problem to be solved for the competition was centered on a new buffering and inventory paradigm, Demand Driven Materials Requirement Planning (DDMRP). The winning strategy must optimize labor utilization and minimize the chances of missing customer delivery goals.
“Since the inception of the Simio Student Competition in December of 2014, we have had nearly 15,000 students compete in the competition,” states Eric Howard, Vice President of Marketing at Simio. “This competition continues to grow and be a way to enhance the students’ Simio skills and to showcase their work to potential employers.”
At the end of a fiercely contested competition, only one could emerge. Simio is delighted to announce The Nittany Lion Group as the winner of the May 2021 Simio Student Simulation Competition. The winning team consists of two graduate students, Justin Rist and Robert Newton supervised by Professor Jon Song from Penn State University.
The winning team utilized Simio Software to develop a model of a shelving manufacturer and wholesaler that was experiencing low order fill rates that affected the bottom line. The team was able to provide an accurate Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) system configuration that could improve inventory management cost, the quality and number of throughput, and optimized production time.
The runner-up was the Panteras Phoenix team from Universidad Panamericana, in third place was the Double NT Co. team from Chulalongkorn University, and the Information Station team from the University of Coimbra completed the top four. Honorable mentions went to the Chicas Superpoderosas team for their amazing use of animations and the Fabulous Four for the creativity put into their presentation.
Elizabeth Millar, Applications Engineer at Simio, stated that “For the May 2021 Simio Simulation Student Competition, we saw many remarkable submissions from teams around the world. All the participants rose the challenge, creating unique solutions to the problem at hand. The panels of judges were impressed by the attention to detail and analytical problem-solving skills that teams put forth, which made choosing the finalists a challenge.” See the full results:
About Simio Student Simulation Competition:
Simio’s dedication to introducing students to the world of Simulation Modeling and Scheduling has led to the use of Simio Software in approximately 800 educational institutions across the world. The Simio Student Simulation Competition is the largest event of its kind and it evaluates undergraduate and graduate students’ ability to apply simulation modeling and scheduling to solve industrial problems.
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