Winmo Tracks Ad Spend on Top Social Platforms

Winmo, the #1 sales intelligence tool for the marketing and advertising industry, has added brand-level social spend and impression data across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (desktop, iOS, and Android) to its US and UK advertising databases, allowing sales teams to efficiently open doors with social ad brands.
Users who rely on Winmo to reach brand, company, and agency budget-holders can utilize this feature to identify prospects spending on key social channels, in addition to the channels Winmo already tracks, including display, print, TV, radio, OOH, podcast, and CTV. 
The social spend data is housed inside Winmo’s intuitive prospecting platform, which empowers sales professionals to pursue relationships with top UK and US advertisers, as well as the agencies who place their advertising.
With Winmo’s new social searchability, users can quickly view ranking reports to understand who’s spending the most and know which competitors are focusing on their prospects in order to strengthen sales pitches. It’s never been easier to search for brands spending on social platforms to identify high-value opportunities. 
Agencies and MarTech firms can use social spend and impression data to tailor their pitches and demonstrate their value with statistical evidence to back up their claims. Media buyers and sellers can better understand how their strategies can be extrapolated out for the months to come. Influencer marketing networks and sponsorship verticals can leverage TikTok to spread brand awareness and perform research on which profiles will make the most sense to do e-commerce business with. Additionally, those interested in online video (OLV) advertising, production, creative, and media planning & buying can dig deeper into YouTube spend to determine which brands would be the best to prospect.
With Winmo, it’s easier than ever to identify high-value opportunities by searching for advertisers spending above or below particular thresholds to pinpoint opportunities, emerging brands, and determine new movers and shakers garnering valuable impressions.
About Winmo: Winmo is a sales intelligence tool that tracks decision-makers and agency relationships for thousands of national brands. Its human-verified profiles list media, agency, and sponsorship decision-makers who control over $100 billion in spending each year, alongside contextual insights needed to craft sales outreach that resonates. Additionally, its predictive news analysis shines a light on future opportunities, analyzing tell-tale signs that media and sponsorship spend is on the horizon to alert sellers in advance. Armed with verified contact details and reliable sales predictions, Winmo users have the unfair advantage they need to connect with corporate sponsors at the right time. For more information and to request a trial, visit
Source: Winmo