William Francis joins ENO8 as Chief Architect

ENO8, a leading digital product and innovation development company, announced that William Francis joined the company in the role of Chief Architect. ENO8 is committed to serving businesses looking to disrupt their industries using emerging technologies like AI, Voice UI, mobile, and digital transformation. The company is renowned as a product team for hire, fueled by innovation and agility. William will spearhead multiple facets of the business, including managing digital initiatives and reinforcing the design excellence of ENO8’s mobile solutions.

“I am thrilled to have William on board as he will enhance our commitment to innovation across all projects”, Jeff Francis, ENO8’s President, said. “His incredible network and instructive client-side perspective will ensure we’re serving our partners with utmost excellence while contributing to ENO8’s continued growth”.

“ENO8 has grown rapidly, and bringing on top-notch executives to help steer that growth, refine our processes and help set future strategy is paramount to our next chapter,” Rishi Khanna, ENO8’s Co-Founder added. “We have full faith that William is the right person to help us navigate this next stage of our corporate development.”

William has 25 years of engineering experience, highlighted by six years of military service as part of the Military Intelligence Corps. He has worked for companies like Raytheon, NCR, and IBM’s Softlayer with more recent stints at Bottle Rocket and Accenture. He is named inventor on one patent and authored more than 200 professional publications while specializing in building applications that touch millions of users each day. William has been involved in projects as varied as developing kernel-level device drivers up to a video game that reached number one on Amazon.

Excited to be a part of team ENO8, William said, “Never before have powerful catalysts like machine learning, natural language processing, 5G and hyper personalization been so accessible to organizations, and even to individuals. We have just started to scratch these respective surfaces and the resulting disruption will impact every industry.

“It was apparent the first time I met ENO8’s founders, Rishi and Jeff, that they ‘got it’. I believe ENO8 truly is a company chartered on fostering innovation from product inception through delivery and beyond, and I’m both thrilled and humbled to be a part of ENO8’s vision going forward. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work!

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