Will This Artist Reinvent Tattoo Culture?

Crown and Feather Tattoo Co. is a Philadelphia based tattoo shop with new ideas and big plans. With a focus on delicate, fine line tattoos, the artwork eschews tradition and broadens the market for body art. “In the past,” says Nick, “tattoos were heavy, dark, and often ‘cartoony’. The work we create strives to be soft and airy, creating small designs unlike what could have been done ten years ago.” Because of advances in tattoo machine tech, as well as with inks and aftercare, these tiny tattoos will last forever – without the heavy-handed approach to the art form.
Along with new ways to express yourself comes a whole new demographic. Nick explains that his clientele is mostly young professionals, many of whom only have one or two (or zero) tattoos – far from the image of burly bikers wandering into a tattoo shop late at night.
“Tattoos are a luxury item,” says the young artist. “You can’t sell it, it’s not an investment in that sense, but good work from a reputable artist is a wonderful and meaningful ‘treat yourself’ that will last your whole life.” Along with viewing tattoos as a luxury commodity, Nick’s approach to the shop is more like a high-end spa than a hole in the wall. “We have desk managers, a dedicated social media person, a design team, and top-of-the-line equipment.” The shop also provides free aftercare to every custom, along with extras to take home, like stickers and magnets. The shop also offers custom-branded C+F water, energy drinks, or cold brew to every client. The studio is also home to a non-profit, the New Chapters Project, which covers self-harm scars free of charge.
“This is only the beginning,” Nick says. “We’ve been in business two years and we’re already looking to expand.” Future plans include a 5000 sq. ft high-end studio space, collaboration with local interior designers, expansion of the non-profit, and hosting world-class guest artists from across the globe. “We plan to reinvent the whole industry, to push the bounds of what a tattoo shop can do!”
Source: Crown & Feather Tattoo Co.