Why Unified Brings New Life to Dropshipping With Household Brands & 2-Day Shipping

The dropshipping platform known as Why Unified is taking the world by storm and changing the way e-commerce entrepreneurs do business. Unlike its competitors, Why Unified offers exceptional turnkey access to a variety of retail products – including brand names – while eliminating the headaches that plague dropshippers worldwide. 
Robert Nikic, the founder and CEO of Why Unified, wanted to develop a solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs facing shipping delays, quality control issues, and marketing challenges. In 2011, the company got its start as a marketing platform, but in 2018, the all-inclusive dropshipping platform was released to entrepreneurs worldwide. 
Until Why Unified, dropshippers were unable to enjoy viable profit margins on brand-name products, which made it difficult to compete with massive retailers like Amazon or Walmart. Why Unified’s relationships with household brand names have changed the game for entrepreneurs; they can earn profit margins 90% to 200% higher than traditional dropshipping methods while offering their customers pricing that rivals the retail giants. Furthermore, while many dropshipping platforms charge their users a per-sale fee, this is not the case with Why Unified. Everything is included in the monthly subscription, so users keep 100% of their sales revenue.
Whereas other dropshipping tools come with steep learning curves and a lack of one-on-one assistance, Why Unified is an all-inclusive platform that is easy to understand and use. Each Why Unified subscriber has access to an Account Manager who oversees their business and keeps everything up to date, from the products being offered in the online store to the marketing campaign. In fact, those who take advantage of the Dropship PLUS plan won’t have to lift a finger because everything from inventory management to shipping and even marketing is included in the monthly subscription. There are never any hidden fees, and there is never any need to purchase additional software or add-ons. Why Unified offers flexible, all-inclusive dropshipping support in one simple platform.
Why Unified is a game-changing platform designed to help dropshipping entrepreneurs succeed regardless of their entrepreneurial prowess or e-commerce experience. Each of the four plans offers unique solutions to common dropshipping problems, and users are free to choose the plan that best suits their needs at every stage of their journey. 
About Why Unified: Why Unified’s center of operations is in Clearwater, Florida, and the company is headquartered in Delaware. Founded in 2011 by Robert Nikic, Why Unified aims to provide dropshippers with an all-in-one solution to common headaches like lack of website traffic or sales, quality control problems, international and domestic shipping woes, and low profit margins. Why Unified offers all the tools and services required for a successful dropshipping business in one simple, easy-to-use platform. 
Source: Why Unified