Why Delivery Companies should use delivery Management Software?

The organization can monitor its fleet in real-time with the appropriate delivery management system, manage customer orders, streamline and handle deliveries, and automate business activity from any location. With Logistics Tracking Software customers can track their orders in real-time. This help’s organisation strengthen customer relationships.

The use of courier delivery management software, such as track, road accuracy, delivery proof, and customer feedback, offers many benefits. This software also manages automated data and analytics.

Following are various benefits for the users:
Intelligent monitoring
Through real-time tracking, customers can easily track the position of their goods without calling product suppliers. To monitor real-time, refine routes and timetables in a centralized context and assign resources.

Accuracy of Road Planning
Organisation can track the actions of their fleet in real-time. Know the driving actions of fleet from idling time, sluggish driving, and more. The best route is recommended for courier service operators so that they can handle as many packages as possible in less time. The product will be shipped on time, gaining customer loyalty through this Logistics Tracking Software.

Estimated arrival time for the courier
Customer is aware of, how long the product it will take to arrive at the destination. Customer get alerts on the estimated product delivery period or will be notified in case of a delay. Customize organizational warnings and contact control, consignment, and customers directly.

Customer updates
Customers are sent an email / SMS on the anticipated arrival date and can track them in real-time.

Timings Favoured
Another benefit for the customer is the date and time of their choice in this courier delivery management software. It helps customers schedule the distribution of the items.

Evidence of Delivery
The electronic verification of delivery and the e-signature of the customer will be received from the courier service officers. Anyone claiming to be the original customer can not then receive the agent’s courier.

Automated data management
It provides agent output, delivery status, etc. The Administrator would also provide detailed reports on all the programs completed.
Shipox provides all of the above mentioned benefits to the customers.