Why Apple Business Chat is a Secret Power-Up for Corporate Chatbots

iQuanti: Americans spend an average of 5-6 hours on their phones every day, according to research from Provision Living. For millions of people, a phone is the main way — and even the only way — they access the internet on a daily basis.
Consumers are looking to do more than ever on their phones, including communicating with businesses. With more than 1.6 billion Apple devices in active use, Apple Business Chat gives customers a seamless path to communicating with their favorite brands as easily as they text a friend.
Integrating Apple Business Chat into customer journey experiences allows brands to showcase their products and keep the consumer lifecycle and relationship within the same channel, allowing businesses to meet customers where they are: on their mobile devices.
What is Apple Business Chat?
Through Apple Business Chat, customers can ask for information, schedule appointments, and even make purchases right in Messages on their iPhone or iPad, just as someone would text a friend. They can easily search for a business using Maps, Safari or Search, tap the Messages icon to send a text, and start the conversation.
Some businesses allow customers to begin directly from their own app, website or email.
Through Apple Business Chat, customers can:
Apple Business Chat vs. Native Chatbots
Many companies have already built their own corporate chatbot programs that interact with customers in their app or on their website.
On the other hand, Apple Business Chat makes connecting with brands easier and more convenient.
Combining Apple Business Chat with a conversational AI chatbot means consumers can get real-time responses to their questions 24/7 in the same platform where they can seamlessly make appointments, purchases and get transferred to a human agent when they need one. Now, consumers can come and go in the conversation as they please, replying in the moment or later when they have more time.
Unlike traditional chatbots, Apple Business Chat has built-in features like visual lists or shopping experiences, scheduling, and even Apple Pay, enabling customers to provide payment, shipping and contact information quickly. This makes product selection and checkout processes faster and more efficient, and automated services like checking order status, order cancellation or checking account balances are also available.
The look and feel of text messaging gives Apple Business Chat a more human and seamless user experience than traditional chatbots, as well as offering unique, turnkey tools that can take your customer interactions to the next level.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.