WholisticResearch Acquires the Domain MyBrainTrainer.com

MyBrainTrainer.com is a domain that has been around for at least 15 years but has fallen out of use. With the acquisition of the domain MyBrainTrainer.com, WholisticResearch announces it will now sell nootropics and brain health supplements. The difference is that MyBrainTrainer wasn’t a nootropics website but a website with information on brain health and exercise.
WholisticResearch, on the other hand, focuses on providing guides for brain exercises and nootropics that improve cognitive performance and memory retention.
By combining both nootropics and brain exercises, the cognitive benefits are maximized. They can help prevent or at least slow down the development of cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.
MyBrainTrainer offered memory games, monthly challenges, brain age, and brainpower calculators. 
MyBrainTrainer has been used in unique ways, such as in Forensic Science. Shaheen Aumeer-Donovan, an Associate Lecturer of the University of Technology in Sydney, said, “I find that the MyBrainTrainer exercises are an excellent way for my Forensic Toxicology students to observe the effect that alcohol intoxication has on perceptual reflexes. The tests are not susceptible to observer bias, so they are more objective, and the results are tangible so they can be directly compared.”
With the acquisition of the domain name MyBrainTrainer.com, WholisticResearch hopes to continue what the previous owners of the domain had started.

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