WholisticResearch Acquires Domain of Adherex Technologies Inc.

WholisticResearch, the fact-finding blog on rare nootropics and peptides, announced today that it had acquired the domain name previously owned by Adherex Technologies Inc. biopharmaceutical company, committed to discover and develop therapeutics for cancer and cognitive improvement.
The CEO of WholisticResearch shared, “I believe that the domain of Adherex is a significant addition to our venture. This move can contribute to providing vendors and consumers with high-quality researched compounds synthesized in our UK labs.”
This domain acquisition is a notable milestone for both companies as they share the same passion for providing a safer way to deal with cognitive issues and disorders. Together, WholisticResearch, combined with Adherex’s promising scientific discoveries, more innovative and potent medical treatment is within our reach.
Since 2019, WholisticResearch has been providing the newest studies on brain-improving products. They analyze their effects and synthetic pathway to develop unfamiliar ideas and compounds.
WholisticResearch has gained trust from the vendors and readers. The company guides its vendors on how to improve their products, focusing on efficacy and cognitive enhancement. They also ensure their readers have the proper knowledge by thoroughly researched recommendations to improve their cognitive and mental performance.
Their products consist of small molecule peptides, multi-functionalized complexes, and most are plant-based modifications to guarantee safety.
WholisticResearch believes that cognitive improvement is not easy.
Founded in 1996 and traded stocks on the AMEX, Adherex Technologies, Inc. was a biotechnology company based in Ottawa that develops therapeutic drugs in line with its proprietary technology of cell adhesion platform.
Adherex developed solutions to unmet cancer and cognitive enhancement needs. Their main products are Eniluracil, ADH-1, and Sodium Thiosulfate (STS).
Exherin, one of their lead compounds, works by destroying the blood vessels that feed a cancerous tumor. It is proven to be effective by eliminating the tumor’s food supply. With Adherex’s cell adhesion platform, the compound has many potential applications, including drug administration through the skin.
Adherex’s mission is to solve cancer patients’ problems and offer multiple products to improve cognition. They have collaborated in the past with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for in-licensing Eniluracil and ADH-1. GlaxoSmithKline made a $3 million equity investment in Adherex and has sealed a deal with a potential maximum payment of around $220 million and additional sales royalties.
Besides GSK, Adherex also had an exclusive license agreement with Oregon Health & Science University for thiol-based compounds (including STS and NAC) and their oncology use.
Adherex maintains scientific publications highlighted in different journals such as The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Cancer and Metastasis Reviews, Inflammation, Molecular Membrane Biology, Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, and Life Sciences.
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