Wholesale Home, Leader in Home Improvement Stores, Announces Opening of New York Showroom

Wholesale Home is proud to announce the expansion of their home improvement stores with a new showroom location opening in Highland, New York this March. The showroom is the company’s first New York retail location, and will allow visitors to interact with the latest in smart home technology and other innovative home improvement products through interactive displays and monthly industry workshops. This location will also offer order pickups, and plenty of parking for over 100 vehicles.
Since their founding in 2012, Wholesale Home has remained committed to meeting their customers needs in any way possible, with a growing online presence and enhanced in-store shopping experiences that allow for hands-on testing of wholesale security equipment, smart home products, and more. Their New York showroom will build on this existing practice, providing additional comfort, convenience, and facilities to Wholesale Home’s customers on the east coast.
As a leading home supply store, Wholesale Home will continue to open more facilities in additional locations, in turn moving closer to customers and helping meet the need for elevated in-person shopping experiences. From home security door locks, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers, to today’s latest smart thermostats and lighting options, customers at the New York showroom will be able to get up close to new products, with helpful guidance to ensure that they make the right purchases for their home and their budget.
About Wholesale Home
Wholesale Home was established in 2012 to provide affordable wholesale services to schools, hotels, plumbers, electricians, and government agencies. The company has since grown into one of the largest suppliers of wholesale home improvement supplies, with an extensive inventory of products from the industry’s leading brands.
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Source: Wholesale Home Improvement