Who is Apple Daniels – Part Deux

Who is Apple Daniels? I’m a child of God, a wife, a mom, daughter, sister, friend, lifelong student and serial entrepreneur. Just your above average work at home mom fighting everyday for the freedom to be with my kids whenever I choose. I mean seriously is that what all parents want – even those still “trapped” in a 9-5? In my first 5 years of marriage I had three kids (twins, one with special needs, and a single), obtained two degrees (BS, Business Marketing, Masters of Management – HR Management) and quickly realized that while the purpose of getting an advanced education was to land a “good job” I did not want to spend my life slave to an alarm clock, fighting morning/afternoon traffic, barely making enough to pay a $3000 daycare bill (hey I live in California), less my other household expenses only to have a boss tell me when I can and cannot take my son to therapy and my other children to their doctors appointments, or have the day off to watch their first school picture, go on a field trip, etc… Like many people it took me a while to find my passion. I knew I had an affinity for social media and the internet, but thought no more of it than reconnecting with friends and family. The economic meltdown brought tragedy to my family with the loss of my husband’s long term job. It was then that I returned to network marketing – something I had dabbled in before but thought no more of than an extra paycheck. During a webinar I was introduced to the concept of internet

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