Which Type of Bluestone is Best, According to Bluestone Experts Edwards Slate and Stone

Bluestone is one of the most practical, durable, and attractive materials for outdoor settings – but which type of bluestone is the best? There is a wide range of types of bluestone, all suited to various projects. The best type of bluestone will change depending on what it is needed for, but Edwards Slate and Stone, suppliers of bluestone pavers Melbourne-wide, know how to pick the right variety for any kind of setting or project.
To decide which type of bluestone tiles are needed for a project, there are a number of things to take into consideration: price point, durability, and aesthetic qualities are all things to be mindful of. It is entirely dependent on preferences and priorities, says Edwards Slate and Stone. Generally speaking, visual qualities are most important for private home jobs, whereas commercial projects prioritise cost and durability over anything else.
There are three main types of bluestone: Australian bluestone, Chinese bluestone, and European bluestone. Edwards Slate and Stone recommend always purchasing bluestone from a reputable dealer; bluestone that is advertised as Australian or European is often Chinese – and usually a low-quality version of it. Ensuring the best quality bluestone for a project may require inspecting the pavers before purchasing them to look for visual differences between the different types.
Australian bluestone, also called Basalt, is one of the highest quality bluestones in the world. It is pure in its formations, meaning it doesn’t contain any secondary minerals. Its low levels of iron ensure that it is not susceptible to rusting. It is darker in colour and is extremely durable. This type of bluestone is found in a lot of Australian architecture, not only because of its longevity but also because it provides a perfect finish and is extremely visually attractive.
European bluestone pavers are lighter grey in colour than Australian bluestone. They tend to contain 20-40% catspaw on the surface and are more consistent in colour than other types of bluestone, which drives up the value significantly. European bluestone adds a perfect finish to outdoor landscaping settings and pool areas. It’s a fantastic option for a job that requires the most aesthetically pleasing type of bluestone.
When looking for the best price on bluestone, Edwards Slate and Stone suggests Chinese bluestone. It is the cheapest type of bluestone, providing a great option for projects that are on a tight budget. Chinese bluestone varies greatly in both price and quality, so it’s imperative to see the tiles in person before purchasing. 
Edwards Slate and Stone are expert providers in bluestone tiles Melbourne residents can trust. Call on them to assist in finding the best bluestone for your next project.
Source: Edwards Slate and Stone