What to Do With Your Life Insurance Payout

iQuanti: If you’re the beneficiary of a life insurance policy and expect a payout, it’s important to put these proceeds to good use. Depending on the size of the death benefit and the proportion that you’re entitled to, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here are five smart ways to utilize the death benefits of a life insurance contract.
5 Great Ways to Use an Insurance Payout
One of the great things about life insurance death benefits is that the beneficiaries may use them in any way they see fit. The following are a few helpful suggestions for putting that money to good use.
Income Replacement
Most life insurance companies will give the beneficiaries the option of breaking up their payments into smaller monthly payments, with interest, that will be paid out over the course of several years. This can be the equivalent of receiving a paycheck that can be used to supplement your income and cover your monthly living expenses.
Mortgage Payoff
Using the payout from the life insurance contract to settle the balance will not only eliminate the mortgage payment from your monthly budget, but it should also be recoupable as equity when you eventually sell your home.
Pay Down Other Debt
If you have other debts that you’re working to pay down, such as student loans or a high-interest credit card balance, then the proceeds from a life insurance contract can help to level the playing field. Each of these debts could be paid off in full, allowing you to manage your money starting with a clean slate.
Household Services
When a spouse or partner passes away, it can leave the surviving family members with extra responsibilities far above and beyond what they were accustomed to. Therefore, it may be a good idea to allocate some of the death benefits towards hiring help for routine household maintenance such as cleaning, cooking, lawn care, etc.
Future College for the Children
If your children have any aspirations of pursuing higher education, then the death benefit from a life insurance contract can certainly make that possible. Beneficiaries could set this money aside or modestly invest it for growth, which would help the children (later on) to attend college without assistance from student loans.
Adjust Your Life Insurance Payout
As we get older and closer to retirement, we may not need as much life insurance coverage as we did when we were younger. However, there could be challenges with purchasing a new term life policy or making changes to an existing permanent policy. To avoid this, one solution could be to pursue universal life insurance instead.
If you’re wondering what universal life insurance is, it’s a particular type of permanent life insurance where the policyholder receives coverage for their entire lifetime with the option to alter the death benefit as their coverage needs change. This allows for more flexible premiums, making it a more affordable choice than a traditional whole-life policy.
The Bottom Line
Although life insurance beneficiaries can use the funds they’ll receive any way they see fit, some options will be more beneficial than others. The best approach is to focus on things that will provide lifelong value, such as income replacement, college for your children, and paying down large debts. 
Source: iQuanti