What jobs are good for someone who does NOT have good communication skills?

My 19 year old son deals with social anxiety and and what’s called Selective Mutism. If you’re not familiar with this, basically it means he can talk and have conversations but because of his anxiety issues, he stresses easily over very normal every day issues, mostly in decision making and in conversations with people he doesn’t know or on subjects he’s not familair with. Because of this, employment is not easy to find. The job he has right now which is a food server and dishwasher has been cut too often to only 6-10 hours a week and it’s just not helping the self confidence issue when this happens. I’ve been looking at local job banks to see what else is out there he may be able to do but just about every one of them has, as a part of job qualifications, that you must have good communication skills.

What kind of jobs would you would be good for someone who’s a good worker but lacks communication skills?

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