What Is Oxidisation in Bluestone? Edwards Slate and Stone Explains

It is hard to miss the immense amounts of bluestone tiles Melbourne-wide – they have been a popular choice for a range of landscaping and architectural projects throughout the city for hundreds of years. Bluestone is also a favourite of Melbourne’s residents for home and garden jobs. When opting for bluestone pavers, Melbourne renovators and landscapers may fear oxidisation in the tiles  – but what is oxidisation and is it something to be scared of? As experts in bluestone and crazy paving, Melbourne-based Edwards Slate and Stone explains.
Oxidisation is caused by the presence of iron in bluestone tiles; it is known to take on a red hue. Because bluestone is an igneous rock – that is, a type of rock that was molten – it can easily join with other metals, such as iron pyrite. Edwards Slate and Stone explains that when iron pyrite comes into contact with moisture and air, it often forms a red colour on the surface of the stone. This moisture can come from either the stone’s surface or from underneath the stone itself. The red colour tends to look like a rust stain.
Fortunately, Edwards Slate and Stone assures that this has a simple fix and measures can be taken to prevent it from happening. After the stone has been grouted, a chemical wash can be used to treat the oxidisation – power washing the stone can also help to remove the stains.
Edwards Slate and Stone advises sealing the stone with a high-quality, breathable sealer to prevent oxidisation from occurring – or from happening again. Typically, this should be completed during the installation process, but it can be done at any stage. Edwards Slate and Stone recommends Lithofin, a solvent-free impregnator that protects bluestone tiles well against moisture and can prevent staining.
For expert installation, high-quality preventative treatment and professional advice on bluestone tiles, Melbourne residents can rely on Edwards Slate and Stone.
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Source: Edwards Slate and Stone