What Happened to Kennedy’s Brain

This is shocking video taken from a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, in which Paul K. O’Connor testifies about the whereabouts of JFK’s missing brain. O’Connor was an attendant at the autopsy in Bethesda. Even though it was a mock trial, the judge, jury and attorneys are real (not actors), and the witnesses testify under oath. The prosecutor is Vincent Bugliosi, the defense attorny is Gerry Spence. O’Connor is clearly nervous about testifying. He says some pretty shocking things; even Bugliosi is shocked and surprised by the testimony. O’Connor is especially nervous about what he has to say at the end. This video is not to be taken to mean that there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, that Oswald was or was not the shooter, that the shots came from more than one gun, or that they came from the front or the back. It does show that there were efforts to cover up the facts of the investigation and autopsy, probably by people who were worried about their jobs and reputations for doing such shoddy investigative and poor pathological work.

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