What Are Online Paid Surveys? Can You Do Online Paid Surveys For Money?

Online paid surveys are surveys generated by companies that want input from consumers who use a variety of products, such as cleaning products, hygiene items and pet food. These paid surveys are hosted by sites which specialize in finding individuals who want to join their site and takes these surveys, which are usually emailed to them. After completing a survey, a member is paid either in cash or points, depending on the payment system implemented by the survey site. Although being paid in points allows you to purchase items from a specific website, most people prefer the real paid surveys which pay in check or through PayPal. Some online paid survey advertisements claim that you could potentially make over $200 an hour from home but this is somewhat misleading. While you could possibly make that when participating in a focus group, the most that real paid surveys compensate their survey takers is anywhere from $2 to $25. Although this is not a fortune it does add up, and it can be a good way to earn extra income from home. Also be aware that different kinds of survey sites will provide consumers with different kinds of information. For example, sites which promote real paid surveys will not ask you for any fees and send applicable surveys directly to your mailbox. Sites which are “survey directories” will ask you for a fee to join but instead of emailing surveys to you, these sites will give you a comprehensive list of research companies which you can opt to join. This

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