WeSupply and Kibo Work Together to Help Retailers Succeed During 2021 Holiday Season Amidst Omicron Bump

WeSupply announces integration with Kibo in order to optimize curbside interactions and increase overall client satisfaction. The integration between the two platforms aims to enable retailers to create a holistic customer experience through omnichannel order viewing and post-purchase notifications.
The pressure to stay ahead in today’s market is immense, but retailers who understand their customer base and what they want will be able to sustain a competitive advantage. Kibo is committed to providing the most comprehensive omnichannel solutions for their clients, whereas over 1,000 retail brands rely on their solutions to deliver every shopper a personalized, empowered, and seamless experience. WeSupply helps clients stay agile and anticipate early to pivot when consumer demand changes, striving not only to preserve but create future sales opportunities by providing effective solutions tailored towards satisfying customer needs.
Therefore, this integration helps eCommerce businesses, large and small alike, by offering flexible solutions such as real-time updates for all orders, including split shipments, to ease shipping anxiety and increase customer satisfaction.
Customers will be also able to track items easily as well return unwanted goods at any time with little to no effort at all. With WeSupply, Kibo customers will benefit from returns to over 200,000 eligible centers or curbside pickup locations, an effective order management system, and post-purchase notifications to provide relevant information at all times.
“We understand the importance of improving shipment transparency in order to gain stronger brand loyalty, stay on top of competitors, and lower operating costs and we aim to enable as many businesses as possible to take advantage of order tracking tools to drive customer engagement and increase sales,” states Virgil Ghic, Co-Founder of WeSupply.
In light of current events, especially considering the staggering growth of COVID-19 Omicron variant cases, retailers need to explore multiple options to increase their chances of retaining existing customers. This integration will bring eCommerce business owners and customers the ease and convenience they need for a pleasant online shopping and post-purchase experience:
About WeSupply: WeSupply is a cutting-edge Post-Purchase Experience, Marketing, and Communications platform that delivers engaging fully-branded post-purchase order tracking and return experience to customers. 
About Kibo: Kibo is the only extensible, unified commerce platform that delivers personalized, omnichannel experiences. Global clients like Office Depot, Taco Bell, and Patagonia rely on Kibo’s API-first, microservices-based architecture to support a wide range of commerce strategies.
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Source: WeSupply Labs