Welton Investment Partners Announces Partnership With iCapital® to Provide the Wealth Management Community With Access to Its Multi-Strategy Macro Program

Welton Investment Partners (Welton), the alternative investment manager focused on the pursuit of consistent returns across market environments, today announced the firm’s strategic partnership with iCapital1, the leading global fintech platform driving access and efficiency in alternative investing for the asset and wealth management industries. The new partnership provides the wealth management community access to Welton’s systematic investment capabilities, including its multi-strategy macro program.
Last year, Welton announced the launch of its newly formed wealth management group, led by alternative investment strategy veteran William Marr. iCapital’s platform enables streamlined access to Welton’s institutional quality investment solutions to the wealth management community, including brokerage houses, RIAs, private banks, and family offices. The platform’s customized end-to-end technology solution digitizes the subscription, administration, operational, and reporting processes for investing in alternatives, creating more opportunities for wealth managers and their clients to efficiently access these investments.
“We are excited to partner with iCapital to offer the wealth management community access to Welton’s sophisticated alternative investment strategies. Private investors are looking for innovative ways to broaden their portfolios beyond the traditional 60/40 mix of stocks and bonds,” said William Marr, Senior Managing Director, Welton Investment Partners. “Historically, these strategies were only available to institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies. Through our partnership with iCapital, we are helping to democratize the investment playing field so retail investors can access multi-asset, multi-strategy programs.”
“The current macroeconomic environment presents significant investment challenges. During the past year alone, we have seen the end of the 40-year bond bull market, rising interest rates, the return of inflation, and a new global economic restructuring — all of which underscore the need for more diversified and non-correlated investment strategies,” said Dr. Patrick Welton, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Welton Investment Partners. “Partnering with iCapital will enable private investors across the wealth management community to take advantage of the multi-strategy macro programs that are built to stand up to periods of dislocation and volatility.”
“Creating opportunities for advisors and their clients to access institutional-quality investments has always been our core mission at iCapital,” said Lawrence Calcano, Chairman and CEO of iCapital. “We are excited to partner with Welton to bring access to these strategies to the wealth management community.”
About Welton Investment PartnersWelton Investment Partners is an established alternative asset manager that seeks to generate consistent investor returns by identifying recurrent market themes across various market environments. The firm seeks to deliver absolute returns with a low correlation to the broader markets. Welton believes its investment edge derives from an advanced capital allocation process applied to quantitative strategies across equities, fixed income, commodities, and currencies. Welton manages assets for institutional and private investors, with offices in NY and CA. The firm recently launched a subsidiary, Welton France, an investment research center based in Paris, France. More information is available at www.welton.com.
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