Welcome Pickups Announces A New Covid-proof City Transportation Service.

Welcome Pickups, the best-rated global travel mobility service, is taking on the challenging global situation with the launch of GoSafe, a city ride service made for the new reality. GoSafe’s mission is to help communities by making essential travel as safe as possible. This new city transfer service offers the safest transport service, with guaranteed measures to create a risk-free ride environment.

GoSafe boasts a very strict and thorough 12-point safety protocol that currently includes:

– a twenty-minute gap between rides to disinfect and ventilate the cabin
– live cleaning right before the passenger enters the car
– free masks and gloves for passengers
– sanitizer and wipes in every vehicle
– daily sanitisation of cars and more

GoSafe guarantees the safest ride experience. GoSafe protects its riders from more than just the virus: in order to ensure service quality and reliability, drivers must go through a rigorous selection process and training, with only 5% acceptance rate. Booking the service is fast and easy, with the option to book online, via telephone, or through a number of messaging apps such as Viber, Whatsapp or Messenger.

“We built Welcome Pickups to ensure a frictionless travel experience,” says CEO, Alex Trimis. “Now GoSafe will provide a frictionless and safe transfer experience for essential travel within cities, ensuring everyone can reach any destination safely and without any stress.” GoSafe will begin its launch in Athens, followed by Paris and Barcelona, and then will be rolled out in many more cities.

Welcome Pickups pivots to help in the battle against COVID19

As the curve of the COVID19 virus grew steeper, the travel and tourism industry bottomed out. Even a promising, profitable startup, like Welcome Pickups, went from showing strong growth in 56 cities to a dizzying fall to ground zero.

“With an amazingly strong team, great operations, and a dedicated community of drivers, we were suddenly brought to a standstill as the market simply stopped,” recounts CEO Alex Trimis.

The story of GoSafe is an example of the trend in the travel industry to refocus and repurpose, giving birth to innovative problem-solving in the process. Just two months ago, the parent company was caught up in two of the most problematic industries rife with uncertainty: mobility and travel.

The Welcome Pickups team decided to take action and use their existing resources to create a service-based proposal perfect for this time. “We are a team of fighters,” say’s Savvas Georgiou, co-founder and CPO. “Every single person in the company is dedicated to maintaining our success. We went from a growing big company to small startup mode with many roles having to change, but we are committed to making it happen.”

Relying on lean operations, great rides and service, strong ties with local communities and a focus on customer experience in ground transportation, Welcome Pickups was able to pivot and create the safest and most reliable city service GoSafe.

Who can benefit from GoSafe?

Safety and health are important during this time, especially for the most vulnerable: elderly, people with chronic health conditions, or those with fragile health. GoSafe is an ideal solution for anyone needing to get around stress-free without having to worry about their health or well-being.

GoSafe is also planning to expand its service by providing partnerships with medical centres, companies, universities and any other organisations who need to transport people with the most demanding safety protocols. Private companies that need to transport workers can reduce liability and risk by using GoSafe.

The GoSafe Give Back Plan is to help companies and medical centres worldwide to easily organise and transport even the most fragile patients. “The hardships everyone is facing in these moments are unprecedented,” says Lyam Abel-Smith, head of marketing at Welcome Pickups. “We are thankful to be in a position to contribute to solutions.”

With the success of GoSafe, Welcome Pickups continues to grow in trying times
With the launch of GoSafe, Welcome Pickups is able to create solutions a post-COVID19 world needs. Welcome Pickups will also be integrating these safety protocols into its operations once travel restarts. This positions Welcome Pickups in a place of strength, poising them to be the best and safest way to get anywhere.