Weighing In-Person Therapy vs. Telehealth

iQuanti: Finding the right mental health professional can be a big decision, and there’s more than one way to receive support. For example, do you want a therapist in Austin who offers in-person therapy, telehealth, or a mixture of both? Let’s break down the pros and cons of each option. 
What is in-person therapy?
In-person therapy is when a licensed therapist meets with you face-to-face. Sessions are held at the same place every time, usually in the therapist’s office. 
Pros of in-person therapy: 
Cons of in-person therapy: 
What is telehealth therapy?
Therapists who offer telehealth provide support to their patients either over the phone or through virtual video sessions. Instead of meeting in a therapist’s office, you might have a video conference from your living room, or anywhere else you have an internet or phone connection.
Pros of telehealth: 
Cons of telehealth:
Making the right choice for you
So, which is better? Teletherapy and in-person therapy both provide regular sessions with a licensed therapist and can provide effective treatment. However, when it comes to therapy, personal needs and circumstances are important factors to consider when deciding.
Note that some therapists offer a hybrid approach—they have an office location with the option for telehealth if needed. In the end, one of the best ways you can figure out if in-person or telehealth therapy is right for you is to reach out to a local therapist. They can help you decide which type of therapy best suits your needs. 
Source: iQuanti