WeCare tlc opens health and wellness centers to communities across the US

WeCare tlc, a leading provider in onsite and near-site employee healthcare, will be opening select health and wellness centers to communities across the country through CommunityCare.

As COVID-19 affects the entire nation, trends are already beginning to show a decrease in access to primary care, which is only set to worsen. Family medicine offices are closing and unable to service their patients. As the economy declines, many people are left furloughed and without health benefits. There is an intense need for a long-term solution to this healthcare problem – CommunityCare will be the answer for many individuals across the country.

CommunityCare is a direct primary care membership program. Traditionally, WeCare tlc health and wellness centers provide care for employees of companies, school districts and governments. Now, through WeCare Community, the health and wellness centers can provide invaluable primary care services to friends and family of current patients, local small businesses and other community members at one flat rate.

WeCare tlc President Raegan Garber Le Douaron believes this new direct primary care membership will help the company accomplish its goal of changing the way healthcare is delivered in the U.S.

“Primary care is the key to a healthy life,” said Le Douaron. “COVID-19 has already begun to create many access issues for people all over the country and is greatly affecting availability of family medicine. CommunityCare will help provide affordable, fundamental healthcare during this unprecedented time and years to come.”

In addition to expanding access to advanced primary care for communities, CommunityCare will benefit the employers who have commissioned a health and wellness center. They’ll be able to share operational costs with CommunityCare members, saving important funds throughout this pandemic, and centers will be able to potentially offer additional services or expanded hours delivering greater access for their workforce.
The company is currently working with its healthcare partners to develop rollout plans in communities throughout the nation.

WeCare tlc currently operates 54 health and wellness centers in the U.S. Each center adheres to Bridges of Excellence Standards, the strictest standards in the industry, and offers virtual consults through enhanced telehealth services.

For more information on WeCare tlc, visit https://wecaretlc.com.

About WeCare tlc
WeCare tlc is a leader in onsite and near-site advanced primary care healthcare centers for employers. The company is on a mission to change how healthcare is delivered in the United States through disrupting the typical model. WeCare tlc operates 54 healthcare centers in 10 states and serves more than 100 clients. Health centers are available to individual employers or can be created through a cooperative effort of multiple companies. Healthcare services include primary care, chronic care management, laboratory testing, medication dispensing and negotiation for outpatient procedures. WeCare tlc has developed systems that streamline claims data, which is coupled with health center data in order to clarify how healthcare dollars are spent. The company has adopted best practices to mitigate medical risks. WeCare tlc was founded in 2005 in Lake Mary, Fla. and now has more than 200 employees nationwide. For more information, visit https://www.wecaretlc.com or call us at 1-800-941-0644.

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