Webinar Training Accelerates and Demystifies Image Consulting Certifications

The Association of Image Consultants International Southeast Chapter (AICI) has announced a Q and A for members that will help those in the image consulting industry seeking to attain a formal certification in image consulting. The (one-hour) webinar, March 27, 2021, will be with Cindy Ann Peterson, an AICI Certified Image Professional (CIP) and the creator of the AICI CIC Accelerator Program(SM). Peterson will explain the importance of formal certification as an image consulting professional. In addition, she will simplify and walk attendees through the basic core qualifications for image consulting, portfolio development, and certification preparation. Also participating are Liz Klebba, AICI CIC, Lisa K. Ford, AICI CIC with insights from Rebecca Doster and Jenny Dewberry, both currently working on their CIC certification.
Most professions have a certification process that establishes a minimum standard of competency for their profession. This means that the holder of that certificate has the minimum core qualifications to perform that job.
“For example, when you go to a doctor’s office, there is always a certificate on the wall that shows where the doctor went to school, and where they received their medical board certification. While some doctors are no doubt better than other doctors, the certification means that a nationally and/or an internationally recognized certification board has determined through testing that the doctor has demonstrated a level of knowledge, education, and experience to meet the minimum standards in the medical profession to practice medicine,” shares Cindy Ann Peterson, AICI CIP.
Likewise, image consultants should be held to a minimum standard of competence when they are helping clients who are seeking professional advice in projecting the right image in their daily life. An AICI certified image consultant means they have completed the rigorous training, passed the exam and portfolio required in order to be able to consult in the areas of appearance, behavior, and communication. The beauty of the AICI certification is that it takes into consideration all your time, talents, training, and expertise and tests you via exam and portfolio. Therefore, everyone attaining any of the three levels of certification is held to the highest standard and also must stay current with 2.4 CEUs every three years to remain current once they have attained AICI certification.
Completion of this training will not only help attendees appreciate the importance of being officially certified as an image professional, but better understand the steps required to achieving this AICI certification.
About Cindy Ann Peterson, AICI CIP:
Peterson is an Author, Designer, Speaker, Trainer, Keynote and AICI Internationally Certified Image Consultant in the greater Washington, DC area who combines these skills to create a unique synthesis of fashion, image transformation, and education for her broad base of clients from government to industry, and academia.
About AICI (The Association of Image Consultants International):
AICI.org AICI is the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide.
Source: Cindy Ann Peterson, AICI CIP | Founder of The Peterson AICI CIC Accelerator Program(SM)