Webinar on Growing your credit card portfolio and increasing member engagement and loyalty through balance transfer campaigns

EXL has worked with numerous credit card issuers over the past years to optimize line management strategies. This also includes setting up data-driven balance transfer campaigns for credit unions. These balance transfer campaigns help credit unions to increase loyalty and member engagement by offering right transfers. Additionally, these campaigns help in activation of inactive members and also increase cross sell opportunities.

To learn more about balance transfers, credit union professionals may attend an upcoming webinar titled “How to grow your credit card portfolio and increase member engagement and loyalty by balance transfer campaigns” by EXL. The webinar will discuss the merits and the right approach of offering a BT campaign.

The agenda of the webinar is as follows:

1. What are the benefits of offering a BT campaign
2. What should be the approach for a BT campaign
a. Design targeting universe
b. Create Response Groups
c. Offer Definition & Cost-benefit analysis
d. Campaign Performance Tracking
e. Campaign roll-out
3. Timelines and deliverables for the campaign
4. Some BT campaign case studies / success stories
5. How to combine BT campaign with a CLI campaign and what are the benefits of doing so.

The 45 minutes event will take place on March 12, at 12.30 p.m. eastern time. Online registration is open and can be accessed at : http://bit.ly/2EMFDSx